Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Outsourcing the complete recruitment process is a fairly recent phenomenon and differs from the usual methodology of using recruitment agencies to fill vacant positions, as RPO delivers a number of key benefits:-


  • Review and improve the organisations complete recruiting process

  • Implementing, monitoring and managing the optimum employment systems 

  • A strategic, programmatic client engagement, based on true partnering

  • Become embedded into the goals, targets and growth aspirations of the client, therefore have a deep understanding of what is required in terms of structure

  • Analytics around employee churn - causes, associated costs and replacement timescales

  • Introduction of a "best practice " methodology for continuous improvement

There are significant benefits to outsource the recruitment process:-

  • In excess of 50% cost savings when compared to the traditional in-house method

  • A circa 40% reduction in time from sign off to on-boarding

  • Holistic recruitment solution

  • Delivery of all aspects -

    • Candidate management

    • Pre-employment screening

    • Strategic sourcing

    • Technology solutions

    • Methodology

    • HR compliance

    • Risk management

    • Workforce planning

    • Organisational design

    • 3rd party vendor / supply chain management

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