COVID-19 - Changes in the candidate landscape

The current candidate landscape is now very different to that of pre-COVID, which has meant that there are now many, many people actively in the looking to secure new roles.

Whilst, in theory, this is great for employers, as they have a vast pool of talent to search from, the reality is actually very different!

The sheer number of potential candidates has the potential to really impact internal recruitment teams within UK businesses, as the volume of applicants is unprecedented!

We have recently been involved with a company that was searching for an Administrative Support Assistant and received over 500 applicants! The time taken to sift through the CV's, undertake 1st stage telephone interviews and create a shortlist took significantly longer than a recent Board level appointment from start to finish!

It is therefore crucial to really understand your key requirements from the start - engage with the relevant line manager and associated departments that the role may crossover and drill down into the detail of skills, experience, key attributes and cultural "fit" - if this is clearly defined early on, a consistent scoring process to the initial CV "sift" and subsequent 1st stage interviews will be much easier to achieve, greatly reducing the time to hire.

As it happens, we have a full range of services to assist those in need and will be happy to help if needed!!

Please contact us if we can help you -

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