Technical Recruitment

Whether you are searching for multi-skilled, sector specific or specialist technical candidates, Considered Recruitment are here to help!

The team have all worked and recruited for organisations requiring highly specialised technical capabilities and diverse skill sets, so truly understand the challenges faced when starting the search for technical talent.

But that's only half the story...........

The importance of cultural fit is as important to technical recruitment than relevant qualifications and experience, (as it is with all recruitment!) - we recognise this, so have developed a range of tools, augmented by working closely with our clients, to ensure all aspects are identified and highlighted in our candidate briefing document.


This allows you to make an informed decision from the very outset as to the candidate suitability, across a variety of key measures.

We also review and verify specific technical qualifications and competencies of each candidate before they are presented to our clients, which allows the focus to be on the individual's other key attributes, to really understand their key drivers, motivations and overall fit into the business.