Training & Orientation

A well respected job site has recently published a survey that indicates circa 30% of new starters will leave their employers within the first 90 days.

Whilst this fact was often previously referred to, this is the first time that there has been additional analysis into the main causes, in summary, these being:-

  • The role wasn't what had been presented

  • Lack of cultural "fit"

  • Did not receive clear guidelines to their key responsibilities

  • Lack of effective training opportunities

  • Ineffective/weak overall on-boarding experience

Losing a new employee has a significant negative impact on businesses, both in regards to cost and time, (which is also a huge cost!), plus the added impact of not having anyone effectively operating in the role for an extended period of time.

During the recruitment process we will always try to overcome these issues to mitigate against employee churn, but can also help to greatly reduce the influencing factors by fully understanding all the key requirements for both parties.

Considered Recruitment provide a seamless review service, (that can work alongside the actual recruitment process or independently), to ensure that our clients have all aspects of the on-boarding process covered to minimise an early departure.

We also provide a number of training assessment solutions, tailored to our clients businesses and key requirements:-

  • Business needs

  • Skills assessment

  • Training need gap analysis

  • Non-training need gap analysis

  • Personality Insights

  • Psychometric testing

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